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Never stayed at a bed and breakfast? Or maybe your an avid bed and breakfast goer. Regardless this should help answer some questions and give you some idea of what to expect during your stay! 

Bed and breakast old mission peninsula.jpg

Do the Innkeeper live on site?

This is a question we get a lot and the answer is YES! The Innkeepers have their own section of the Inn that is separate but connected to the guest side. 

What is there to do at the Inn?

The Inn is primarily intended for accommodations for guests only. But there is more to do other than just breakfast and a place to lay your head. We have quite a nice book case that is fully stocked, a bocci ball court in the back yard, board games, fire pit, extensive trail system, and over 20 acres for you to explore. Not to mention very close proximity to many tasting rooms although we do not have one on site. 

Bed and breakast old mission peninsula

How big is the Inn?

The inn has three guest rooms. We are one of the smaller bed and breakfasts in the area and our goal is to provide a more intimate experience because of that. We want you to feel like guests in our home and want to provide a high level of hospitality during your stay.

Can we hosts weddings or events?

No unfortunately at this time we can not host weddings or events at the Inn. We are limited to overnight guests only. If you are looking for a venue nearby checkout the Peninsula Room just around the corner. 


Lastly, and quite possibly the most important part, is breakfast! We take this very seriously here. We serve breakfast at 8:45am sharp every morning. Guests take their seats and we serve you, everything is fresh and cooked that morning. No buffet here! We start with fresh brewed coffee, juice, or tea with a simple starter. This is quickly followed up with a main meal. Please note that we do not have a “menu” and that every day is a fixed meal for all guests. We do our best to accommodate guests with any dietary restrictions but need to know ahead of time so we can plan. Our goal is to provide a filling meal that will get you ready for a big day of what ever you have planned!

Please note that we will only accommodate to food restrictions that are actual health conditions and not preferences. Thanks for your understanding. 

Bed and breakast old mission peninsula
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